My Journey From Soul-Sucking Job To Living My Dreams

I worked in the cosmetic sections of department stores, and even studied law and worked as a paralegal for nearly a decade (all while still doing hair and makeup on nights and weekends). Oh, I also went back to school to get certified in aesthetics.

Basically, I was known for burning the candle at both ends… AND in the middle. (Do you know the feeling?) I had tunnel vision, and the end of that tunnel was me doing makeup full-time, but every day leading up to that moment, I could feel myself withering away at my office job.

A pivotal moment came in May 2009. At this point, I was still working in legal and doing weddings on the weekend. I was on site at a wedding when my phone kept vibrating nonstop with calls and texts. When I could finally peek at my phone, I saw a text from my brother that read “911.” My mom had a stroke.

This stroke forced her into early retirement. The doctors said her stress levels from work brought this on.
You mean working an overly-stressful job could possibly kill you?
Yep—that was my sign. I knew it was time to make my move and pursue what set my soul on fire.
That’s when I gave my notice to corporate and never looked back.

I started out of a room in my home and grew to a team of 16 women, opened a full service salon, added on luxury services and had the amazing feeling that comes from pulling in over half a million dollars doing what I love and helping other women do what they love for a good living.

Who knew that as time went on I’d learn that my greatest fulfillment comes from helping women grow and live their best lives?

Now I’m here to share my knowledge and experience of over 2 decades with you all in the name of getting you into your best career and life. There’s more than enough room at the top for everyone and I’m here to help you take those steps up.

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