How Do We Live In This New World? | Living Your Life With Purpose During In An Unfamiliar World

How do we live in this new world? Living your life with purpose in an unfamiliar world.

How do we not just go through the motions, waiting for this pandemic to end, but actually live a life with purpose? So many things are turned upside down and look nothing like what we once knew. In our society, we’ve always identified ourselves by what we do for a living, now so many of us are unemployed, had to close our business only to reopen under strict guidelines that make it hard to pay overhead let alone make a profit; or no longer see coworkers because you work from home while trying to keep an eye on your kids. Family gatherings that once brought us comfort are now at a standstill or are held outdoors where we can only sit a small gathering of us distanced with no hugs or kisses. Life is awkward at the moment and for some of us, insanely lonely.

I’ve decided to live during this time. I’ve decided to find meaning even now when it seems we’re being told to stop all living and overthink our every move. I want to grow through this, not just go through it. I’m reimagining areas of my life and I’m taking action. I’m making this extra time and space mean something, and I’ll continue to create space around me; space to breath and go about life with intention and in alignment with my soul. I want to experience this time and be able to look back and see how much stronger it made me. I haven’t lost a loved one to COVID and I pray that I won’t. But I can no longer allow myself to feel terrorized by this virus or by what may or may not happen. The virus is real and I’m careful. I wear my mask in public, I wash my hands, I do my part. I’m no longer watching the news or spending time on Facebook. The media made all of this far more anxiety-inducing to the point of paralyzing the world. There’s no need for me to keep tabs on the death toll. This isn’t to say stick your head in the sand but what we focus on grows. If all we’re focusing on is the negative, then we’ll continue to feel helpless. I can’t thrive in that environment and I definitely can’t be a good role model for my daughter in that low vibration energy.

The things that are working for me are daily meditation, journaling, prayer and exercise. I was eating all sorts of junk food. Now, I’ve switched to food that fuels my body properly. Food effects our mood. Sugar is my downfall yet has such a strong, negative impact on anxiety and depression. I’m being more mindful and present. Really tuning into how my body feels and getting curious about what’s triggering those feelings like listening to a close friend confiding in me. I’ve been taking inventory of my life. What’s brought me joy and fulfillment that last few years? What has held me down and doesn’t serve me well? What has been an energy vampire? Whatever isn’t in alignment with my soul or has weighed me down is now on the exit ramp out of my life effective immediately. I simply don’t have the space or energy for that which doesn’t serve me well. Low vibration energy is no longer allowed in my presence. I have no desire to put effort into areas or people that only take and drain. If I’m investing in you, you must invest in me. I’ll no longer give more than a glance to those who don’t see my value. I don’t give to receive; however, I give to what I find value in and open myself up for the same in return. The divine in me honors the divine in you. Free-flowing authentic energy. I have nothing to prove to anyone, including my own ego. I will honor myself and my life purposes. This holds true for me professionally and personally. I’m all in on my personal investment. I had gotten sidetracked from that. As an Enneagram Type 2 with a Wing 3, I have a habit of putting myself last. No more. I’ll give to myself and feel full because only then can I give fully. When we allow ourselves to be in self-energy and in alignment with our soul, we don’t have to force it. It’ll just flow. Energy attracts energy. Believe that with every cell of your body. We’re pure energy and basically magnets for what we radiate. God was pretty ingenious when He created us.

Are you reimagining your life? Are you making it real and honoring your purposes on this earth? Are you climbing out of the pandemic hole and recreating yourself to be in full alignment? Are you investing in yourself?If not now, then when?

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