Prioritizing Women’s Mental Health

One of my top missions is prioritizing women’s mental health in work and life and to help you learn how to as well.

Lately, I’ve been struggling to find my groove. Sleep hasn’t been my friend (thanks, perimenopause!). I’ve been trying to juggle personal challenges of caring for an ill mother, raise my tween daughter, run my first company while building something new in my coaching business. I’m exhausted just listing those out. It’s like that cheesy info-mercial, “but wait, there’s more”!

But isn’t that life? We all have those periods where exhaustion makes even basic tasks feel overwhelming. The past few months have been one of those times for me. I don’t mean the exhaustion we get from only getting 5 hours of sleep or after a good workout. I mean the kind where you’re bone-tired, anxiety and depression creep and steal your joy, “how will I get through this?” type of tired. Some refer to it as a “dark night of the soul” or burnout.

Many of you see my successful business and assume everything runs smoothly. For the most part it does thanks to my manager and systems and processes I put in place. But the truth is, I deal with anxiety and depression, just like many others. The last 6 months were some of the most intense anxiety and depression in my life.

Caring for my mom after her Alzheimer’s diagnosis while dealing with some other heavy personal issues took a toll on me mentally and physically. It triggered unresolved traumas and deeply rooted fears. It even delayed the launch of my new project, but looking back, I see that was a good thing because it needed more time to simmer and is still becoming clearer as I learn to wait more patiently for the answers.

Lessons Learned

These past months have been a thick fog, but they’ve also been a valuable learning experience. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Prioritize Yourself: As women, we’re taught from a young age to put others first even before our own needs. The glaring problem with this is that it leaves you in a pile of ashes and unable to fan anyone else’s fire let alone your own. Love yourself enough to give you what you need to thrive. Getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising all play a big role in our overall well-being. But just as importantly is what you consume: what you read, the podcasts or music you listen to, what tv shows you watch. Everything you consume is a direct stream to your subconscious.
  • Mental Health Matters: It’s okay to not be okay. Therapy is a great tool for managing mental health, just like going to the doctor for a physical. Keep in mind, it’s not how many times you fall down but how many times you stand back up. Seeking therapy isn’t weakness, it’s pure strength and courage!
  • Together We’re Stronger: Being an entrepreneur can feel isolating, but you’re not alone! A study out of Harvard that spans over 80 years, shows that the happiest people are those who have strong relationships. Connection and support are lifelines.


Moving Forward, Together

In the future, I want to keep things real and explore topics relevant to busy women like us – juggling work, personal life, and mental health. Helping women rise up and mental health are what I’m most passionate about in my work. While I’m not a therapist, I’ll share my experiences and those of the amazing women I’ve coached along with the proven techniques I’ve accumulated over decades.

If you’re interested in working with me as your coach, you can email me here or head directly to my site’s contact form to book a free discovery call.



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