This right here. My beloved stepfather left me this in my diaper bag about a month before he passed away. I was nose-deep in sever Post pardum anxiety and depression and thought I would never find my way out. He knew of his imminent death from the doctor’s prognosis. They met with him after a horrible fall he had taken and after testing they gave him roughly a month to live. This news came the day I was pushing Fiona out into this world. We were in the same hospital – I was giving life and his being taken.

Even after being given a “death sentence” he still thought of me in the midst of my trauma and left me this little note tucked away in my diaper bag. I didn’t find it until over a year later. He was the epitome of love and selflessness. I continue to learn from him even almost 7 years after his passing. I love him dearly and thank God continually that he gave me my stepfather so I would have a good man in my life to show me unconditional love and support.

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