Being Impeccable With Your Word

The book, The Four Agreements has an entire chapter dedicated to being impeccable with your word. If you say you’re going to do something then you must follow through and do it. This is solid advice and I do believe in it, however, there are times when you must back out to save yourself. I have done it many times.

I’m a very dependable person but there are times when my anxiety ramps up out of nowhere and I feel as though the floor is slipping out from beneath me and it’s usually because I over committed but sometimes there’s no apparent reason. And at those times I must back out to save myself and regain my sanity and become re-centered.

I used to be ashamed of it but I know now that I have to put my self-care first or it’s a slippery slope. If this is you, try not to beat yourself up during those times. Take care of you – your loved ones will benefit the most from a healthy you.

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