Being Free Spirited

What are some of your dreams? Did you give up on some of them telling yourself you’re no longer that person? I had. I am many things and many personalities. One of my parts was a part I had let go of for many years; the free-spirited, take me as I am girl. I once had a heart-crushing argument with a family member that I looked up to. Although this person didn’t mean to hurt me and he was just frustrated and angry with the topic it crushed me to my core. Words were hurled at me: careless • idiot • immature. I was made fun of for all the self improvement books I had in plain sight in my apartment. He even threatened to not let me see his son who I loved more than any other human in the world at that time.

So much of my person was attacked. I walked home in the snow that night. After that I decided to go back to school for a more “serious” career in legal in trade for my makeup artistry career. I stopped going out to clubs and basically got really serious about everything. Too serious. I left my spirit behind. It was safer that way. Where I once would drive with my windows down so the wind could blow my long hair all over into a mess I decided to roll the windows up and keep all hairs in place. That was true for all areas of my life.

So this photo is about my revival of my spirit. My awesome, free, deeply loving spirit that wants to feel and experience intensely. My hair can fly around in the wind like a hot mess. I can basque in the sun where I thrive. I am free.

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  1. Jamesrup says:

    Wow because this is great work!

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