Living With Purpose | Are You In Alignment With Your Purpose?

Living with purpose is as crucial to our souls as oxygen is to our lungs.

Purpose: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. We are all on this earth to fulfill our own unique purpose. We all have one or many purposes and it’s up to us to find it. Some purposes may be grandiose and large scale while some are small with great impact on the lives you touch. Whatever your purpose is, it is valuable and needed by the world. Remember, even small ripples flow outward and grow larger until it reaches the sides of the lake.

We wander around our life living day to day. When we’re living with our purpose in mind and contributing to society through it, we feel fulfilled. For me, I’m a true Helper (see The Helper in the Enneagram book). I thrive off of knowing I’m connecting with people, women specifically, and helping bring value to their lives and propelling them towards being their best selves. I love learning about what ignites a person. I see potential in every one of you out there. When I see someone not living up to their potential or see that they don’t see their gifts and what they’re capable of; it’s hard for me to keep my mouth shut. I’m highly ranked as The Challenger as an Enneagram type as well and this combined with being a Helper has made me a great leader when I’m mindful and working with intention. It also means I have to be careful not to overload that particular person I see living in the shadows because I get so fired up to show them who they really are and to see what I see in them and not everyone is ready to see their full potential at the same time. We grow at our own pace and that needs to be respected. This is a truth that took me years to realize.

Have you been walking around feeling restless, tired or unmotivated? You’re likely not living in alignment with your purpose. Now, obviously right this moment we’re in a pandemic and a lot of us aren’t feeling like ourselves and that’s different and it’s very much OK. We have no choice but to sit and wait and see how this all unfolds. There are; however, little things we can do to work towards our purpose during this downtime. For example, I did a live Q & A on Instagram for my business, Simply Gorgeous by Erin, with Diana from A Jubilee Event and we answered questions from industry professionals and brides who are dealing with planning and moving their wedding dates during this pandemic (a very difficult and emotional decision to make). We were helping people virtually with hard decisions and giving them support. I was being of service and helping these brides as well as helping Diana deliver her expertise to these people. It felt great. I was in alignment with my purpose (helping others move forward) and feeding my soul (by connecting with others). I can’t be with my team or my clients in person, but I can be of service to them remotely and staying connected to them.

So, what’s your purpose? What are you here to fulfill for yourself and to share with others? If you’re not sure what your purpose is, here’s a hint: your purpose will be one that fills you with joy and meaning and ignites you from within and simultaneously brings value to others. That’s the beauty of living in alignment with your purpose, it gives back to you and others. This is also a time where if you’ve ever dreamed of changing careers but felt like you never had the time, well now you do. Work on it little by little. Time is all we have right now so if you can find it in yourself, make the most of it and start working on baby steps towards your goals. You deserve to live in your purpose. You spend most of your life working so why would you waste it by not working doing what fires you up? You don’t have time to not be working on what your purpose is. Time is our most precious commodity and you will never get a refund on it. So, make the most of it and let your days and hours be filled with what sets you on fire. You will never regret doing what you love.

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