It’s The Little Things

It’s the little things.

Little is the new big.

Simplicity is the new busy.

Knowing your priorities is the new social life.

Being present is the new going out.

Roots is the new ash-blonde.

Bare skin is the new IG filter.

Authenticity is the new fashion blogger.

Vegetable gardens are the new dining out.

Taking walks is the new hitting the gym.

Board games are the new YouTube.

Finally fixing that broken whatever is the new sense of accomplishment.

Admitting fear is the new brave.

Nurses and doctors are the new celebrities.

Teachers are the new sports legends.

Children are the new teachers.

Parents are the new CEO’s.

Nature is the new Xanax.

Loungewear is the new little black dress.

Back to basics is the new chemical engineering.

Avoiding social media is the new setting boundaries.

Thinking for yourself is the new ingenious.

Practicing patience is the new juicing.

Discovering new talents is the new renaissance.

Talking face to face is the new looking forward to.

Rebirth is the new starting a new career.

Rediscovering one another is the new measurement of success.

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