Changing Careers Later In Life

Changing careers later in life: It’s never too late.

I sat on my stairs this morning, sipping coffee and looking out my open front door at the gorgeous sunlight. I was feeling grateful as it occurred to me that I’m now changing my career for the third time in my life. I have two degrees and am soon to get my third. I also hold some certifications that required schooling and training. For someone who never liked school growing up, I sure have accomplished a lot academically.

The point of today’s newsletter/blog post is that it is NEVER too late to change directions in life. If the desire is in your heart, it was put there intentionally for you to fulfill it. It may not happen quickly but few worthwhile things happen with the snap of a finger. It will take me about 5 years to complete my master’s in psychology and get licensed as an LPC. This sounds like forever but I believe you have to go for it when something is burning in your heart. I will live anyway (God willing), and life will march on regardless (again, God willing), so why not?

My first career was in retail and visual merchandising. As my late 20s neared, I realized I wasn’t fulfilled, so I returned to school and began legal work. After working in legal for close to 9 years, I realized it was not the right choice (and I kinda sucked at it), so I did research and began working as a makeup artist part-time while I worked in legal. Then, I went back to school for an aesthetics license. Shortly after, I began Simply Gorgeous by Erin in 2010. In 2024, I’m changing again because it is what my heart has told me to do. I am PSYCHED to start this chapter! (remember, Simply Gorgeous isn’t going anywhere anytime soon)

I believe it’s important not to limit ourselves. I was limiting myself for the last 5 years. I launched my coaching services because after mentoring other artists, I discovered I loved helping women grow. But I was also limiting myself because although I’ve always been passionate about mental health, I didn’t think I wanted to be a therapist for one reason or another. Read: I was making excuses as to why I was limiting myself.

My mom taught me that I could do whatever I set my mind to. YOU can do whatever you set your mind to. Just take the first steps. Do it afraid. Toss the excuses out the window. Make the time. Find the resources out there. You deserve to live the life you want.

In my coaching program, I’ve helped other women figure out how to take the first, second, and third steps to changing careers. Do you have a dream living inside you that you’re ignoring, or are you unsure what to do first? I’d love nothing more than to help you with my experience and knowledge.

Reach out to me here for a free discovery call to see how I can help you make a career change possible. You CAN do it.

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